Moving Media GmbH

Moving Media GmbH is the owner of the Payment21®-brand, and a registered financial intermediary providing AML-compliant digital cash transactions

The award-winning Bitcoin cashier system of the company provides collection and exchange services to e-commerce merchants, multinational corporations, and financial intermediaries around the globe. The service offerings have a focus on regulated businesses with a need for effective compliance procedures. This target group includes publicly-listed companies, licensed gaming operators, digital marketplaces, prepaid card vendors, money transfer businesses, corporate cash management providers, authorized investment funds, crypto token issuers, asset managers, and their banking partners.

Backed by its proprietary digital currency platform that bridges the gap between cryptocurrency and traditional financial services, the Bitcoin technology firm offers payment options, and exchange-related products and services to drive market adoption. The venture has been recognized for its high security standards in processing cross-border transactions. stands for Fintech in the 21st century. It is powered by Moving Media GmbH. The operator is an innovation intermediary moving forward with the clever concept of utilizing cryptocurrency as a medium of exchange. Its main office is based in Switzerland. The company maintains an International Sales Organization (ISO) in the USA.

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